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Equestrian and Smallholding services|Taunton|Somerset

Waggydogs can also look after your Stables and Small Holding while your on Holiday !

Equestrian and Smallholding services covering the whole of Somerset

small holding services

Getting away from your smallholding can be the most difficult thing in the world .
Who will look after the hens make sure the piglets  heat lamp is still on and check the ewes and lambs ?

I have 30 years of farm animal experience.  When we lived on Exmoor we had 6  large black sows and boars  and produced all our own pork and bacon .We also had a large flock of  Wiltshire horn sheep and  Jersey house cows.

I will stay smallholding whilst you are away and do the chores you would do , feeding your animals ,bedding up, checking water troughs and maintaining  your animals  routine.
Alternatively I can visit once or twice  a day to look after your stock whilst you are away.
Prices  from £ 48 per day

Equestrian services

Need someone to do your horses whilst you are away competing or just  working away ?
I’ve kept all kinds of horses during my life from Exmoor ponies to  17.3 hh hunters .
I currently have two horses at home a driving horse and a rescued bodmin pony
I’m able to do morning stables ,turn out your horses and bring them back in in the evening Or simply  do a field check and straighten their rugs and check the fences and locks.